Do not pass go, don't collect $200 no no definitely don't collect ooh oh you should be if you collect 200 dollars or you given 200 dollars there's a problem Theres a bigger problem the how far sex has gone don't give money, dont take money now if you're a stripper then Hey, everybody gotta make a living can you think of anything but you welcome back YouTube for another episode of himherhislovee thank you for another week today we are going to talk about Sex how far is too far yeah how far it's too far make sure that you subscribe to our videos so that you know what's poppin off of every week and if you haven't already what you should be follow us on Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr all these things for you and this don't be kind of yeah sex if you've had sex that's probably too far in the video if you had sex that is probably considered going too far now granted if you've had sex people do slip up that's yeah I mean it's human we try to stay away from those but if you have you can definitely check out our video on what is it again sex now way yeah so you've had sex now what the appetites come back where we dodged into like what steps to take to recover from sexual impurity when you're in a relationship and you were on the celibacy track or accidents and really working on not having sex in your relationship and you've flipped up that's the video for you yeah I was Ho state in the corner keeping your hands and fingers to yourself oh don't do that say no don't collect $200 no no definitely don't collect you in an Ellis oh you should are you givin 200 hours there's a problem how far sex is good hey everybody got to make a little bit awesome what else keep your mouth to yourself no you just cut it out keep your hands arms legs inside the Ryan all time all times keep all of you none of that none of that keep all of you to yourself it's the UH D and keep your mouth to yourself like I guess the best way of saying no part of him should be in any part of you know part of him has been in any part of me like no part like lime divide right here I don't know of a better way to say that like anything that that is too far I mean yeah yes we do discuss on the banks of first even in our sex talking about sex on the first date and also have six steps six tips to no sex before marriage those videos can help you and this one is really like defining sex like what is sex to each other because you know he may think eatin ain't cheatin and you may think you know keep your mouth to yourself so yeah these are defined clearly what sex is in order to avoid all that to avoid all sex a segue for most people yeah and once you go back and once you start you can't go back like what's his has attached hard to go backwards someone see Laurie yeah so Danny a wonderful journey right like what I get anyway um another thing to wants you if you've well I guess later and also kissing is not excellent oh okay yeah let's talk about that for a second disclaimer out there okay we have kissing is one of the many ways that is not sexual that we show affection for each other yes and this is just us not saying it kissing is okay for you or if kissing is bad for you you have to determine that for yourself but kissing is something that we do that is a show of affection for us and leaning out here smashing each other like don't read too much into it but there's nothing wrong with me or her doing each other a kiss every now and again to show ya so everybody's different every relationship is different so you need to know it works best for you in your relationship if kissing takes you too far maybe you don't want to kiss maybe that's something that you do on your wedding day the first kiss is when they say we now pronounce you husband away that may be your journey that's a hundred percent fine that's not our journey hey we've kissed each other before like we've had our first kiss already that's as far as it goes like it doesn't go past that in any way shape or form but we both have that type of discipline um to maintain that so if that's not your journey if that's not your story that's okay like your story is not our story and our story isn't yours so it's okay for whatever that is for you just be prayerful and mindful about that we want to be very clear about our journey being different from your journey yeah and you know what's that slapping on each other um I'll just in public either like the kisses that we give each other are literally two seconds yeah we're not like we're not like all about to go down in the parking lot how about that no not at all like though ones be mindful of that because some of you guys have brought that to our attention that that's something that worries you about us the fact that we do share a kiss be nice but you know that is our journey that is a life and what we vow to do when we started this was to be honest with you and so we're not gonna start lying to pretend that something that we don't do we do kiss like we do that's as far as that's as far as it goes but that's we're not gonna lie in act like always never kissed you don't ever hold hands you never put his arms around my shoulders these things don't happen that's a lot he does all of those things we hold hands in church like that but that's us being honest and I relationship in about our walk and being upfront with you about it cuz that's something we that we said we were gonna do if we started this that we were gonna be a hundred percent keeping it keep it a being with you so that you know exactly what this Christian dating life can look like and that may not be a journey you may choose to not kiss and that's fine or not hold hands or not show any public displays of affection that's you and your relationship and that's 100 percent okay completely fine yeah it doesn't make it any less Christian because we share a kiss that doesn't make this it doesn't you know devour our walk with God alright with that because we share a kiss like that's just you still have a god-centered in relationship right Dave dead center right in the middle of everything that we do also if you are like really obviously life like we are then you know that if you haven't had sex for a while or at all your sensitivity and your drive is heightened like a lot so things like dry say right dry humping and grinding on each other and all of that stuff like that could lead to you yeah go ahead and say it good bust of the night which we consider sex that that's considered sex if you climax because of the actions that you're doing its sex no matter if there was actual intercourse or anything it's considered sex so just be mindful of that especially I feel like it's more for guys I don't really know that it's more for guys so ladies like in your relationship don't be all extra close you know you're coming in on whatever yeah like be mindful of their struggle and protect the relationship and protect each other so don't be all like grinding up on him or like doing things that will make him yeah fall backwards will say that things that'll make him fall backwards in his life you weren't impressing towards the mark look upward call not going back to the other thing okay so you know we really mindful about about that that they have a different height and since to especially seriously guys yeah and especially guy who's had sex before you know for them to not have sex especially for a long period of time that's gonna be like skyrocket any any slight touch could be too much so be mindful and be honest about it fellas like you got you don't over the land hey all right that's too far too much right there that's gonna take it somewhere else and ladies to like and you don't feel like a punk doing that either no no there are some guys well I'm boasting about look like no ish but not wish you're being you're protecting yourself yeah Christ and I mean I'll tell you right now fellas we appreciate that it's like oh yeah actually is taking our walk together with Christ seriously he's taking this journey of you know no sex seriously like all right like you know it makes me look at you like a superhero like seriously it does like I'm proud to be with you because I know you're actually authoring the same things that on that no God on us and then I I hold dear so like that makes you feel good like ain't no girl who's actually walking that walk with you gonna be like he weak you know I was trying to do it as a he like no not if she's really for you to shade for you I think I do with that juices you gotta know that yeah thank you for uh yeah tuning into our videos all of our videos we appreciate just to take this time to thank you guys for tuning in to all of our videos interacting with us as much as you guys have some of you should probably interact a little bit we welcome it yeah I mean tell us how you feel I mean now that this is all out here later so you kiss do you not kiss like is that gonna throw you off track to see us kiss like be honest like go ahead and tell us how you feel you gonna do it anyway so all of us via our Instagram Facebook YouTube which you should have already hit the followed button anyway because four have and also tumblr and twitter too you have those we have all social media camper his love yes in tune in makes me I can't think of anything but you